Staying on top of fast-moving trends is how wholesale companies stay in business. When your customers are suddenly clamoring for the hot new seasonal product line, you better get it on your shelves – fast. That requires fast access to working capital, which may be all tied up in inventory that's already sitting in your warehouse.

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King Capital funding can create a whole new world of opportunity for wholesalers!

If you find yourself in need of funds for new inventory frequently, a King Capital business line of credit could be ideal for you. Revolving credit lines are available up to $250,000. They work like a business credit card. Draw funds from your line whenever you need them. When you pay back your balance, the funds are available again. Once your line is place, you never have to apply again or wait for approvals.

A big benefit of our credit lines is you pay interest only on the money you've borrowed – unlike a traditional small business loan, where you have to make payments including interest every month, even if you haven't used your borrowed funds yet.

King Capital also offers diverse products for wholesalers looking to expand their facility, upgrade their equipment or hire new staff. Equipment financing is available up to $5 million per piece of equipment. Borrow with no money down in most cases. We also offer business term loans up to $2 million, with flexible terms from 3 months to as long as 10 years.