Trucking and shipping companies need a steady cash flow to keep their vehicles rolling and hire the most dedicated team to put in the driver's seat. And, more than ever, these businesses rely on sophisticated logistics technology to maintain the on-time efficiency that keeps their customers loyal.

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King Capital provides access to funds that keep logistics companies in top gear!

Equipment financing from King Capital can be the ideal solution for expanding your fleet. You can typically borrow up to 100% of the amount you need to purchase vehicles. The program is easy to qualify for and easy to repay – low monthly rates are similar to what you'd pay to rent equipment.

Another great benefit is that the lenders King Capital works with allow you to use your new equipment assets as collateral. This means you can access a higher loan amount, lower interest rate, and longer term for the loan. Our competitive low rates can save you thousands over the life of the loan!

We also offer business term loans (up to $2 million) and revolving credit lines (up to $250,000) that you can use to cover maintenance and repair costs to keep your fleet in top shape, help meet the rising cost of insurance, hire more drivers when seasonal demand goes up, or keep your logistics programs on the cutting edge.