Few industries have been harder hit by the COVID-19 pandemic than restaurants and bars. Frequently changing regulations (depending on your city or state), fewer patrons venturing out to dine, as well as difficulties finding staff, and rising costs due to reduced supply chains have all added up to a cash crisis for many in the industry.

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A King Capital Credit Card Cash Advance can be your answer!

While traditional lenders have increasingly shied away from hospitality lending due to the known challenges facing the industry, King Capital makes it easy to obtain working capital based on your anticipated credit card sales.

We can quickly approve you for a cash advance and get you the funds you need to keep you business running right away. It's easy to qualify for, because approval is not based primarily on your credit score or business history, but on your previous and anticipated credit card sales volume.

Best of all, because the amount you pay back is based on your ongoing sales volume, so you pay only what your cash flow can bear!